dreamt of gas seared lungs and a drowning death that took years in killing me. woke with a shattered sense. reality in shards – pretty cut glass. reflecting. all I thought I was entitled to. all I was sure I was entitled to. for being alive. broken was the promise that was never made. laid before me. writhing in its undeath. have we lost that memory? held up so preciously? as we bathed the world in blood? there is no guarantee. no entitlement. for being alive. everything is a gift. somewhere we’ve forgotten, I think. we know the lines. read them a thousand times. but do not know them in our hearts. all to life is love and there are no guarantees. so each brought to self: is not to own. is a gift: to be treated as such. less a mirror to what you feel entitled. empty lies
those whispers preach; albeit fervently. 

GD sense of time

GD sense of time
where every experience
lives brightly
in my mind

hidden when I need it
triggering when it’s unwanted

all memories parallel
sorted by the emotions
that seem to never die

GD zombie feelings
GD flashbacks
flickering behind my eyelids

& I watch them
like it’s for the first time
all over again
& it’s always the first time

then I’m stunned for days
unable to explain
what is happening to me

is it my fate
to roam this earth
feeling too fully
with a GD time travelling mind
as my sole source of company?

The stars

The stars are so still. There are so many. They are infinite. They are never ending. The light I am seeing is millions of years old. My naked human eye can’t detect half of the colours that make them up. They don’t twinkle. They don’t swirl.

Come lay with me under the stars, my love. Come look at our aspects amongst the infinite. The never ending expanse of the great unknown. The place where we began and the place we will end. We will watch the stars die together. We are the stars.

unspoken unison

is there a force bigger than the cosmos?pervading all matter
a zephyr in the vacuum of space
a wind in the atmosphere
traveling through all existence
moving us
sweeping us up towards each other
slowly circling in concert
with a impetus we do not understand
like leaves caught up in a cyclone
in the instant we meet for the first time
we are locked into a path
of quick pulsating orbits
until we collide
becoming as one
returning to what we always were
what we always have been
all the while knowing there is something
bringing us together
that is more than the sum of us
higher than the heavens
brighter than the stars
vaster than the universe
older than time
something infinite
we can feel it in our bones
in our hearts 
in our souls
we know it in the softness of our gaze
in the tenderness of our tone
in the fire of our lips
in the hunger of our throes
in the way we’ve always known
our unspoken unison